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September 30, 2013:
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What is Nopaine?

Can you buy nopaine online?

Nopaine is a drug developed by David Llewelin, and is said to be analogous to ritalin, but also is seen as a synthetic form of cocaine that can be snorted or freebased. Little else is known about the drug, which is still legal in most countries.

The creation of legal drug analogues by rogue chemists does not mean that the drugs are safe, just that they haven't been outlawed. Dangers of the nopaine drug as a substitute for ritalin or cocaine involve the fact that they could be more addictive, more likely to cause heart and endocrine problems, and the fact that you don't even know what synthetic powder you are getting without doing a test. Bath Salts and Spice all originated as legal highs and ended up being much worse than the illegal drugs that they replaced.

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Special note: Designer drugs can be dangerous and unpredictable. This site does not sell or advocate the use of anything not tested and approved by a governmental authority, even though the government may act in its own interest or those of the pharmaceutical industry. Drug treatment is easier if you know what you are addicted to. Also, if your goal is not to become a raving zombie lunatic on the evening news, maybe you should skip the experimental stuff and take your brain for a ride on a drug called life.